Anthropology and Culture

Jens Kjaerulff

Internet and Change. An Anthropology of Knowledge and Flexible Work
Peter I. Crawford and Jens Pinholt

Solomon Islands is our country - Reef Islands is our home
Keyan G. Tomaselli & David Scott (eds.)

Cultural Icons
Claus Bager Nielsen

A war canoe heading for Christianity
Jari Kupiainen

Tradition, Trade and Woodcarving in Solomon Islands
Christiana O. Knudsen

The Patterned Skin. Ethnic Scarification in Developing Ghana
Jonathan Matthew Schwartz

Pieces of Mosaic. An Essay on the Making of Makedonija
Christiana O. Knudsen

The Falling Dawadawa Tree. Female Circumcision in Developing Ghana
Árpád Töhötöm Szabó & Mária Szikszai (eds.)

Cultural Heritage and Cultural Politics in Minority Conditions