Cultural Heritage and Cultural Politics in Minority Conditions

rpd Thtm Szab & Mria Szikszai (eds.)

Cultural heritage is a timely and heavily debated concept of the humanities and social sciences. Ethnographers, ethnologists and anthropologists are increasingly concerned with this emerging concept, since it not just reconfigures the ways of thinking in their disciplines, but reorganizes the whole field they investigate: the culture itself. The present volume from the Department of Hungarian Ethnography and Anthropology, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, answers to this challenge by raising questions related to the emergence and mechanisms of cultural heritage and their relationships with politics and the market economy.

2018, 264 pgs., DKK 204.00 (approx. 25.00/EUR 27.00), there is a 50% discount on sales in Romania, ISBN: 978-87-92724-12-0 and 978-973-8439-95-5