Pieces of Mosaic. An Essay in the Making of Makedonija

Jonathan Matthew Schwartz

The process of ethnographic fieldwork often implies the art of mosaic-making. In Pieces of Mosaic, anecdotes from inside as well as from outside Macedonia are joined together in a complex and fluid mosaic. With its foreground and field in the multi-ethnic community of Resen, which borders Greece and Albania in the Prespa Lake Region, the essay places a wager on inter-ethnic co-existence. The anthropologist's intervention takes the form of a civil iconoclasm, where hard and hateful histories give way to a shared and diverse future.

Jonathan Matthew Schwartz, is a native of Detroit and immigrant in Denmark since 1970. His interest in Macedonia goes back to his first anthropological fieldwork in the early 1970's in a migrant worker's ghetto, Vognmandsmarken, in Copenhagen. His research is intervention-ary.

Pieces of Mosaic is a must for anyone interested in the cultural and political complexity of the Balkans.

Schwartz is Senior Lecturer of Social Anthropology at Copenhagen University. He is currently engaged in a cooperative, comparative study of the reception of Bosnian refugees in three Nordic countries.

1996, 160 pgs., DKK 120.00 (approx 10.85/EUR 16.15) ISBN 87-89825-16-0