The Construction of the Viewer: Media Ethnography and the Anthropology of Audiences - NAFA 3

Edited by Peter I. Crawford and Sigurjon Baldur Hafsteinsson

In recent years audience research in cinema and media studies has turned to ethnography to find ways in which qualitative research methods could be improved in attempts to reach beyond the limitations of quantitative research. Visual anthropology, on the other hand, has increasingly searched theoretical inspiration in fields outside anthropology itself, including cinema and media studies as well as documentary film theory. In this volume, containing both general theoretical work and more specific case studies, the various fields meet in an inspiring exchange of concepts and ideas, providing for the first time - at least within visual anthropology - a substantial contribution to our understanding of 'audiences'.

CONTRIBUTORS: D. Morley, K. Drotner, A. Griffiths, W. Martinez, M. Banks, P. I. Crawford, P. Baudry, B. Engelbrecht, V. Hietala, J. Ruby, J. Jhala, B. Dornfeld, T. Liebes, N. Adra, J. K. Ruoff, P. Alasuutari.

"How real audiences respond to film and television is, of course, unpredictable and highly varied. This is one of the challenges which now face anthropologists wherever they work, for the role of the media in peoples' lives cannot be excluded from any contemporary analysis. The question is, of course, how may the media be theorised and how may they be methodologically approached by anthropologists. The construction of the viewer represents an important attempt to address these concerns. The book raises many key issues; it challenges conventional assumptions; and it critically exposes concepts and categories of analysis. It will be of use to students, teachers and anyone interested in developing a distinctively anthropological approach to the media." (Anna Grimshaw, from review in Social Anthropology, Vol. 7, part 1, 1999, pp. 94-95)

1996, 316 pgs, DKK 216.00 (approx 19.50/ECU 29.00), ISBN 87-89825-06-3

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