The Reef Islands Ethnographic Film Series

The Reef Islands are a group of coral islands which, together with Ndeni (Santa Cruz) and a small number of other islands, form Temotu Province, the most eastern part of the Solomon Islands. The Reef Islands are inhabited by the Pileni-speaking (Polynesian) people of Vaiakau, living on small coral atolls, and the Aiwoo-speaking (Papuan, Melanesian) people on the larger islands of the archipelago. The Reef Islands Ethnographic Film Project was started in 1994 by Peter I. Crawford and Jens Pinholt, two anthropologists, in close cooperation with the two neighbouring communities, on the visual documentation of 'kastom', or 'traditional culture', initially with a focus on socially and culturally important rituals and ceremonies that had almost become extinct, now also addressing the challenges faced by the Reef Islands due to the effects of globalisation and climate change. The project is run in association with The Ngasinue and Vaiakau Cultural Association and the local work is supported financially through royalty payments.

Intervention Press will distribute films emerging from the project as well as other material, such as the book Solomon Islands is our country - Reef Islands is our home.

The films available so far are listed below.

  Reef Islands Ethnographic Film Series Volume 1

Peter I. Crawford, Rolf Scott, Trygve Tollefsen and Jens Pinholt