The Tromsų Series

The Tromsų Series consists of films produced by the programme in visual anthropology (Visual Cultural Studies) at the University of Tromsų (Norway). The programme (see emphasises film and other audio-visual tools for successful communication between researchers and local/global communities/networks. The programme is international and students - with different academic backgrounds - come from countries all over the world. They receive training in using a camera in the research process with a focus on anthropological methods. The films produced by the programme are used for teaching purposes at universities, colleges, high schools, and at academic conferences. Most of the films are screened at different international film festivals, many of them having received prestigious awards and prizes.

The DVDs in this series are for private and educational (non-commercial) use only. For any other use please contact the programme directly.

The following films are available so far (being regularly updated. Trailers for most films are available on YouTube):

  A Life with Slate

Directed by Dipesh Kharel
  Awura-Amba. Zumra's Dream Land

Directed by Tigist Kebede Feyissa
  Doing the Norway

Directed by Gry Elisabeth Mortensen
  Esset, soul of the Gurage

Directed by Haile Seifu Woldeyohannes
  Mabrouk, a Moroccan wedding ceremony

Directed by Jalila Hajji
  The Principal's Fight

Directed by Sidy Lamine Bagayoko
  Pukaraajo, growing up Muslim in Mayo-Darle

Directed by Hireine Gougouré
  Rehe, the blacksmiths of Mogodé

Directed by Gamache Thomas Kodji
  Side Effects: Portrait of a young artist in Lahore

Directed by Mashhood Ahmed Sheikh
  Childhood Burnt by War

Directed by Oxana Vasilchikova
  Nuuk Nuaan! (Lovely Nuuk)

Directed by Tove Maurtvedt
  Uncle Oddvar and the Wave

Directed by Anne Katriina Pedersen
  Missionaries and Power

Directed by Rachel Issa Djesa
  Tatta - A Tuareg Traditional Midwife

Directed by Brahima Amara Diallo
  The Long Road Back to Dodo

Directed by Rodmire Taylor-Smith Larsen
  Djeneba. A Minyanka woman of southern Mali

Directed by Bata Diallo
  Zavra, a passer in Kapsikiland

Directed by Mouazamou Ahmadou