DVDs and videos

Ethnographic and documentary film, and visual anthropology, form key areas of Intervention Press' publishing. As part of a plan to expand distribution of ethnographic and documentary films relevant in the context of anthropological enquiry, we are therefore pleased to launch 2 new series: The Reef Islands Ethnographic Film Series and The Tromsų Series. In addition, we intend to increase distribution in general of such films and encourage film-makers to submit films. Please contact Peter I. Crawford at info@intervention.dk for further information.

Balisana - Herders of Lesotho

R. Letlema, T. Quinlan, S. Schmidt & C. Scott
The Ascetic Eye

Naina Jogin
Basketball is life

Kulturama Film Academy

The Future of Visual Anthropology

Martin Gruber
The Reef Islands Ethnographic Film Series

The Tromsų Series